about us

ARCH雅趣 — 引領地球永續發展的新時尚!



ARCH — a new fashion leads the sustainable development!

ARCH aims to contribute to the sustainable development for our earth. We hope to be advocates to stir up ripples in Taiwan and influence more people and enterprises to concern, devote and contribute to our environment. There is no exception for all of us to exempt from natural disasters, and all we give today are worthwhile.

As a fashion-leading media, ARCH has informed the public to get good advice and recommendations on human’s basic necessities in the past peace and prosperity time. Now facing the serious environmental crisis, we are duty-bound and determined to speak out and advocate, hoping that everyone will start to pay attention to protect the earth. This will be a topic that is closely related to everybody and will never be out of fashion. ARCH will lead the new fashion of sustainable development of the times!





HWA KER PUBLISHING CO.,LTD., subsidiary ARCH, not only gathers digital audio-visual and print magazine resources, but also is a professional media company that actively advocates sustainable development and sustainable business operations. HWA KER PUBLISHING CO.,LTD. is specialized in-depth analysis and guidance comprehensive coverage combined with all-round high-quality dynamic audio and video for dual-effect marketing. Through planning, scripts, and storytelling guidance, HWA KER PUBLISHING CO.,LTD. connect different forms such as text, photos, and video to achieve a revolutionary communication effect. Through ARCH, HWA KER PUBLISHING CO.,LTD. pledges to actively speak out for the environmental protection, and provide various immediate information on sustainable topics, encouraging major companies continuously concern and invest heavily in sustainable projects. HWA KER and ARCH take environmental protection and sustainability as our own responsibility. Paying attention to us means paying attention to the sustainable development; let us respond to the call together and contribute to the place where human beings live!